Predictable, Value-Based Pricing

Legacy pricing models and tiered storage don’t address the rapid scaling of modern architectures, and result in data costs growing faster than company revenue.

With GlobalDots and Coralogix, you pay for your data based on the business need it serves and the value it provides.




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What’s Included

Don’t pick and choose when it comes to feature. Get full access to:








Not in the traditional sense, no.

Your package is defined by the amount of data you want to send and how you assign it according to use case. Each use case has its own cost per GB, but you get full access to all features no matter how you prioritize your data.

With our solution, you choose how to prioritize your data according to its use case so you pay per value instead of volume. Each data priority level is priced according to its business value. You have full flexibility to customize your package to meet your needs.

The system measures your data on a daily basis, so a 300GB/month package would be 10GB per day, data volume is affected by how many log entries you have, and their size.

We recommend retaining Frequent Search data for no longer than 7 days. We enable you to directly query your archive (without impacting daily quota) and reindex data from direct query at any time for further analysis.

Data prioritized in the Monitoring level is analyzed and converted to trackable metrics before indexing. These metrics are automatically stored for a full year.

Once you get to 80% of your daily package, we will let you know.

If you reach 100% of your quota and haven’t contacted us, upgraded, or decreased/reprioritized your data, you will be notified that your data has been temporarily blocked until 00:00 UTC when we will automatically release it.