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Transform your business with priceless insights

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Merging multiple alerts into one - now it's more than feasible!
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Inform every aspect of your product, operations & business
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Don't let the industry misconception keep you outdated

Make your CDN logs work for you

Ecommerce & Marketplaces

Avoid downtime and optimize by user location to improve your conversion rates

Gaming & Video Streaming

Run massive volumes of traffic with minimum latency while keeping bots out

Media Publishers &

Get accurate traffic analytics to optimize content and traffic routing

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Revenue, Security, Operation: Benefits of CDN monitoring.

Learn how CDN logs can transform your business:

  • Adjust resources, improve security, and increase revenue.
  • Create customer journey maps with high-quality data.
  • Detect anomalies based on ML algorithms.
  • Support global scaling.

Valuable, Simple, Affordable

Data analysis before indexing

Real-time insights from large data volumes, without indexing.

Conversion of CDN logs

Data enrichment - Get accurate geolocation and IP reputation to tell bots from humans

Optimized storage of frequently used data

Data clustering - Clear the clutter and instantly detect noteworthy trends

Data clustering (Loggregation)

Optimized storage - Pay less for the 80% of your data that’s mostly unused

Data enrichment for Geolocation

Logs2Metrics - Convert CDN logs into valuable metrics, stored for 12 months for free


Our observability solutions integrate with all popular business applications.

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