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CDN Integrations

Akamai DataStream Monitoring

Akamai DataStream logs are assembled and sent to Coralogix by this easy-to-install integration.

First, you must add a data stream to use this integration.

Using the DataStream Pull API requires the DataStream ID and an API client. Also essential are the Client API host, client secret, access token, and client token. For any question or need of help, our 24/7 support is here for you.


Cloudflare Enterprise customers access Logpush service, allowing you to forward logs to cloud service providers like AWS. Follow the steps in this tutorial to send logs to Coralogix. Please feel free to contact us with any inquiries or supplemental dashboards you require.

Fastly Logs via HTTPS Streaming

Real-Time Log Streaming allows you to stream Fastly logs to any HTTPS endpoint, providing a way to optimize your Fastly services.

Instantly stream real-time logs from data passing through it. With Fastly, you can stream logs to various locations for archiving and analyzing, including third-party services. The following tutorial will cover setting up your HTTPS endpoint to Coralogix from your Fastly account. Don’t hesitate to contact our support for more details and get all the Coralogix dashboards and alerts. We reply in under 2 minutes!

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