About the company

365Scores is a platform that provides comprehensive, 24/7 sports coverage from around the world. The company’s mission is to enable its users to create their own personalized content channel, customized to their favorite teams and sports.

The platform provides extensive data including live scores, statistics, standings, news, tweets, and much more, with support for more than 30 languages.


365Scores aggregates data from hundreds of sources around the world and supports millions of active users in over two dozen languages. Previously, the team was managing a custom Elasticsearch cluster and then adopted Elastic Cloud, but neither solution fully answered their stability, reliability, or scaling requirements. Despite interest in the value of fully-managed SaaS solutions, it was too expensive to ingest and store the data at the scale they require.

The Challenge

Since the app was released in 2012, it has amassed more than 100 million downloads and has millions of active users. Due to the nature of the platform, there are frequent traffic spikes where millions of users may be active within the same 2 hour time span.

A good example of that would be during an important match. If a big team like Real Madrid scores a goal, millions of users may get that notification. This creates millions of log lines in a single second. A significant portion of those users will enter the application immediately after the goal. Every subsequent API call they make is also written to the logs.

All of these traffic logs are easily accessible through AWS, but to ship them somewhere and analyze them is a significant challenge with more than a terabyte of data being produced every day.

Building and managing a custom solution is incredibly resource-intensive and requires full-time support to maintain and scale. On the other hand, SaaS solutions that are priced by ingest volumes are much too expensive for this scale.

The Solution

Our innovative pricing model and TCO Optimizer feature enable data-rich companies to benefit from a SaaS solution without breaking the bank. The team at 365Scores saw that the feature would allow them to send all of their data for analysis without obscene costs.

Our monitoring platform is the only solution in the market that ingests, analyzes, and only then indexes data. This unique approach to data analytics empowers users to choose how their data will be handled based on the business need it serves and the value it provides.

The team at 365Scores has prioritized about 67% of their data in the Monitoring priority level which gives them complete visibility and monitoring insights into the data without the cost of hot storage. This data can still be queried at any time. Only 2% of their data is being prioritized as Frequent Search which also gives them the ability to perform lightning-fast queries.

“Even though we’re paying for this service rather than building the solution ourselves, we still save money because we don’t have to index all of that data anymore. Plus, we get the added benefits and insights from Logs2Metrics and Loggregation in the Monitoring priority level and still pay much less.”

CTO at 365Scores

How the Platform Integrates to the Daily Workflow

During the onboarding process, the support team walked through key out-of-the-box features like Loggregation and Logs2Metrics. Beyond the simple setup, the process actually uncovered an issue where the system scale was surpassing certain limitations in the Lambda functions, and this was causing discrepancies in the data. That’s an issue that easily could have gone unnoticed if it ‘wasn’t for our solution.

The initial implementation of the platform at 365Scores was led by the CTO and the heads of both DevOps and BI. It’s now been adopted by developers as well as content operators as part of the troubleshooting process to provide visibility into different issues.

With scaling, stability, and cost no longer as issues, the organization is looking to expand the types of data that are being sent to the platform. The goal is to create value for non-technical operations teams within the company by building dashboards that provide a deeper understanding of the business metrics such as user engagement.


Like many modern organizations, 365Scores is generating data at a massive scale and was struggling with the overhead of a self-managed monitoring solution.

The TCO Optimizer feature allows them to analyze and monitor all of their data without the prohibitive costs of most SaaS solutions.

Aside from increased visibility and reduced costs, the team also enjoys the general benefits that come with a SaaS solution including stability, reliability, advanced features, and comprehensive support.

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